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Where are the Millennial Entrepreneurs?

/   Julia Duda, The Feed

Last year John Lettieri, the Senior Director for Policy and Strategy Economic Innovation Group testified before the U.S. Senate’s Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship and reported that the U.S. ranks 49th out of 189 countries for the ease of starting a business,  an abysmally low performance for a country with a historical connection to…

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Evanoff: 50,000 Amazon jobs? Wait a minute

/   Ted Evanoff, The Commercial Appeal

Do we have a chance? I’d say we could land among the final dozen cities. But I asked John Lettieri what he makes of all this. He doubts we’ll make the short list. “Whoever wins it, it’s akin to winning the lottery. It’s a rare event. Most places cannot win,” Lettieri said.  “Most places do…

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Study: ‘Distressed’ communities not gaining as economy recovers

/   Nicole Raz and Katelyn Newberg, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Wesley’s barbershop is in a “distressed community” while Mario’s barber shop is in a “prosperous community,” according to the Economic Innovation Group’s 2017 Distressed Communities Index, released Sept. 25. “Policymakers for several years have been talking about the national gains we are seeing as part of the economic recovery,” EIG co-founder Steve Glickman said. The…

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As bids for Amazon’s headquarters come due, tech has a chance to spread the wealth

/   Andrew Khouri, Los Angeles Times

A recent report from the Economic Innovation Group said the nation’s most distressed cities — judged by poverty, job growth and other factors — tend to be former industrial hubs in the Midwest and Northeast. The most prosperous cities tend to be tech hubs or fast-growing places in the Sun Belt with diverse economies. ……

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Study shows Toledo among most distressed large U.S. cities

/   Jon Chavez, The Blade

For several years, an economic malaise has covered metro Toledo’s central city neighborhoods, putting those residing there at an employment, educational, and physical disadvantage compared to the rest of the area. This ongoing problem, which engulfs seven zip codes in the heart of town, places Toledo among the most distressed large cities in the nation,…

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