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President Trump’s “Opportunity Zones” could help the majority of Fresno

/   George Hostetter, CVO Observer

President Trump wants to turn thousands of low-income areas across America into engines of economic development. … By George Hostetter, CVO Observer Read the full article here.

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Several local areas nominated for tax break ‘opportunity zones’

/   David Singer, WTOV9

Ohio Governor John Kasich has released a list of communities eligible for federal tax breaks. … By David Singer, WTOV9 Read the full article here.

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Waterloo seeks “opportunity zone” designations

/   Tim Jamison, The Courier

WATERLOO — The city is putting its worst foot forward to secure the use of a new federal tax incentive program for distressed neighborhoods. … By Tim Jamison, The Courier Read the full article here.

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Governor designates Opportunity Zones in county

/   Brad Kellar, Herald-Banner

More than a half-dozen tracts in Hunt County have been designated as Opportunity Zones by Governor Gregg Abbott. … By Brad Kellar, Herald-Banner Read the full article here.

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President Trump tax law provision could uplift Trenton and Hamilton Township

/   Sulaiman Abdur-Rahman, The Trentonian

TRENTON >> President Donald Trump’s signature tax reform law could promote urban revitalization in the most distressed parts of Trenton and Hamilton Township. … By Sulaiman Abdur-Rahman, The Trentonian Read the full article here.

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