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Where are the Millennial Entrepreneurs?

/   Julia Duda, The Feed

Last year John Lettieri, the Senior Director for Policy and Strategy Economic Innovation Group testified before the U.S. Senate’s Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship and reported that the U.S. ranks 49th out of 189 countries for the ease of starting a business,  an abysmally low performance for a country with a historical connection to…

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Hocking County “at-risk” in Distressed Communities Index

/   Hannah Taulbee, The Logan Daily News

The results are in for the 2017 Distressed Communities Index, and Hocking County was found categorized as “mid-tier” while individual zip codes ranged from “prosperous” to “distressed.” Completed by a bipartisan public policy organization, the Economic Innovation Group (EIG), the index is a broad-based assessment that uses Census Bureau data from 2011 thru 2015 to…

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Trotwood mayor, board president trade letters on school performance

/   Sharon Wilmore, Dayton Daily News

“Our school district and our city face complex challenges for improvement,” Trotwood-Madison Board of Education President Adrienne L. Heard responded Thursday in an open letter to McDonald. Heard’s letter also includes information from the Economic Innovation Group’s “distressed community index” showing Trotwood’s unemployment rate for adults 25 to 64 (33.6 percent), housing vacancy rate (15.6…

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Evanoff: 50,000 Amazon jobs? Wait a minute

/   Ted Evanoff, The Commercial Appeal

Do we have a chance? I’d say we could land among the final dozen cities. But I asked John Lettieri what he makes of all this. He doubts we’ll make the short list. “Whoever wins it, it’s akin to winning the lottery. It’s a rare event. Most places cannot win,” Lettieri said.  “Most places do…

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San Antonio income disparity among the worst in the country

/   SGB San Antonio , FOX San Antonio

A new study magnifies the geographic income inequality that exist in San Antonio. Simply put: the gap between the richest zip code and the poorest is among the widest compared to other major metropolitan areas nationwide. “We’re becoming a country, in some sense, that your destiny is defined by your zip code,” says Steve Glickman…

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