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The Millennial Generation: The Good and the Bad

/   Don McCullen, The Christian Post

A survey by EY and Economic Innovation Group find that 72 percent of millenials find that “startups and entrepreneurship are essential for new innovation and jobs.” A survey conducted by BNP find that 62 percent of millenials have thought above starting their own business. … By: Don McCullen, The Christian Post Read the full article…

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Locked out: Section 8 housing vouchers fail to open doors for low-income renters

/   Alden Woods, AZCentral

The effects of living in a certain area can last until a person’s final days. The Economic Innovation Group, another policy organization, found that residents of prosperous ZIP codes live, on average, five years longer than people in distressed neighborhoods. The life expectancy of a resident of a prosperous American neighborhood is 80 years old,…

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Five reasons the US job market is not as rosy as it looks

/   Dominic Rushe, The Guardian

According to the Economic Innovation Group, 52.3 million Americans live in “economically distressed communities” – a measure that includes poverty rates, housing vacancies and education as well as income and hiring. That represents one in six Americans, or 17% of the US population. … By: Dominic Rushe, The Guardian Read the full article here.

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Munis: A Path To Bridge The Wealth Gap

/   VanEck, Seeking Alpha

A widely cited recent study from the Economic Innovation Group helps quantify just how uneven the recovery has been. The study, which examined the years from 2011 to 2015, looked at seven key metrics to evaluate the economic health of communities by zip code throughout the U.S.: adults without a high school diploma, poverty rates,…

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Why Millennials Should All Move to North Dakota

/   Sean Braswell, OZY

The Opportunity Index scores reaffirm similar findings elsewhere. A 2014 study on intergenerational mobility in the U.S. published by the National Bureau of Economic Research also found that the most upwardly mobile region in the country was the Great Plains. And a 2017 study on U.S. economic opportunity from the Economic Innovation Group, a policy…

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