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Competition is not for losers — even in the digital era

/   John Thornhill, The Financial Times

Contrary to West Coast mythmaking, developed economies are living through one of the least innovative periods in modern history. According to research from the Economic Innovation Group, a Washington-based think-tank, dynamism is in retreat and the rate of new business formation in the US has been declining. … By: John Thornhill – The Financial Times Read the…

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A dream of spring among Cleveland’s most distressed citizens: Lydia Bailey (Opinion)

/   Lydia Bailey,

Recently, I dreamed that spring was afoot in Cleveland’s most distressed neighborhoods. A healing wind was issuing from a cherry tree growing amidst the asphalt on Lakeside Avenue. It was advancing through the St. Clair-Superior neighborhood, curling around telephone poles and through chain link fence. I was seeing life transform abandoned homes at East 93rd…

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Why opportunity and inclusion matter to America’s economic strength

/   Governor Lael Brainard, Federal Reserve

I want to thank Neel Kashkari for launching the Opportunity and Inclusive Growth Institute and for inviting me to join the deliberations of this distinguished group today. This new Institute is another great example of how individual Reserve Banks are taking the initiative in illuminating key dimensions of our work and shaping the agenda of…

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Letter: Neal investment bill helps struggling areas

/   Steve Glickman & John Lettieri, Economic Innovation Group

Survey after survey reveals a large percentage of Americans remain concerned about their economic well-being. Our research shows these anxieties are not misplaced. The U.S. economy has become less dynamic since the Great Recession — more businesses have closed than opened, the rate of new business formation remains near an all-time low, and workers are…

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3 smart business ideas for millennials in 2017

/   Steve Nicastro, USA Today

Millennials face financial barriers when trying to start a business, including higher student loan debt and lower starting wages than previous generations. … By: Steve Nicastro, NerdWallet Read the full article here.

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