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What ABQ can learn from cities that grew their businesses

/   Rachel Sapin, Albuquerque Business Journal

New Mexico is behind in its region when it comes to business growth. That’s according to an Economic Innovation Group report titled “Dynamism in Retreat” that showed fewer businesses open and close each year across the U.S., and that the nation’s lack of dynamism has contributed to the economic decline of metro areas across the…

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Tiberi: Tax reform done right will grow jobs and grow paychecks … our future prosperity depends on it

/   Pat Tiberi, Joint Economic Committee Newsroom

According to analysis by the Economic Innovation Group, each startup creates an average of six jobs. Plentiful startups and jobs create a virtuous cycle where potential entrepreneurs are more willing to take a risk on a new venture. By the same token, weak levels of entrepreneurship and job creation create a downward spiral for both. … By:…

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Why We Need To Look For Innovation Outside America And Its Elites

/   Elizabeth MacBride, Forbes

Although a new business starts every two minutes, another firm closes its doors every eighty seconds—the highest rate of firm death in the past 50 years. In 1980, nearly half of American firms were five years old or younger. By 2015, that number had fallen to one-third. According to the nonpartisan Economic Innovation Group, fewer…

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Why the most important IPO of the century happened today

/   Ross Baird, Medium

Our economy is becoming highly concentrated — according to the Economic Innovation Group, more Americans are working for big companies than ever before. … By: Ross Baird, Medium Read the full article here.

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Democrats Face an Important Anti-Monopoly Test

/   David Dayen, New Republic

The Economic Innovation Group attributed a less dynamic economy, with fewer startups, less mobility among Americans, and more regions of the country left behind, to barriers created by market concentration. … By: David Dayen, New Republic Read the full article here.

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