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More innovation needed from top tech companies

/   John Thornhill, Financial Times

The Economic Innovation Group, a think-tank in Washington DC, has argued that in spite of all the talk about the accelerating rate of change, the most striking business feature in the US is the lack of dynamism, competition and innovation. … By: John Thornhill, Financial Times Read the full article here.

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To Create More Economic Dynamism, Empower Entrepreneurs Of Color

/   Ben Hecht and Jim Clifton, Fast Company

This is a dire problem for a country where net job creation has long been driven by young firms. By one estimate, the decline in business dynamism cost the U.S. 1 million jobs in 2014 alone. … By: Ben Hecht and Jim Clifton, Fast Company Read the full article here.

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Some Banks Are Too Small to Succeed

/   Joe Ricketts, Wall Street Journal

What’s at the core of new business creation? Entrepreneurs. You know, those stubborn dreamers who can’t help but imagine how the world should be and then try to build businesses that move in that direction. Yet even though entrepreneurs can be found throughout the U.S., the capital they need for new businesses has become increasingly…

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What Amazon Can Learn from LeBron

/   Ryan Bhandari, Medium

The Economic Innovation Group (EIG) documents one part of the opportunity problem — how business growth has become concentrated in fewer and fewer metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) since the Great Recession. … By: Ryan Bhandari, Medium (Third Way) Read the full article here.

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Level Playing Field? How Big Company Dominance May Hinder Innovation

/   Angela Shah, Xconomy

And so, today, entrepreneurship is at a 30-year low, Baird writes in “Blind Spot,” citing data from the Economic Innovation Group. “Although a new business starts every two minutes, another firm closes every eighty seconds—the highest rate of firm death in the past 50 years,” he writes. … By: Angela Shah, Xconomy Read the full…

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