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Map plots Houston’s most economically distressed areas

/   Fernando Alfonso III, Houston Chronicle

A bulk of Houston’s most distressed areas can be found in the city’s northeast and southeast sides, according to an analysis by the Economic Innovation Group (EIG), a public policy organization founded in 2013. EIG’s Distressed Communities Index (DCI) took seven metrics and combined them into a single measurement of community economic well-being.

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Left Economy, Right Economy

/   Annie Lowrey, The Atlantic

Republicans and Democrats are looking at the same set of facts and suddenly seeing very different things.

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Mapping America’s Most Distressed Areas

/   Keir Clarke, Maps Mania

The Distressed Communities Index ranks the economic well-being of every community in the United States. It uses seven different metrics to assess the economic state of every zip-code area. The 2017 DCI Map allows you to view the well-being score of every zip-code in the United States and to view each of the individual economic…

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Editorial: Lessons from Cleveland

Just two years ago, a study from a Washington think tank declared that Cleveland was the most economically-distressed big city in the country. There’s one telling statistic that the Economic Innovation Group pointed to: Fully 23 percent of the adults 25 and older in Cleveland didn’t have a high school diploma. The national average is…

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Here’s what the GOP’s ossified tax policy ignores

/   Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post

EIG urges adoption of a “radical connectivity agenda that forges stronger linkages between thriving places and lagging ones—be it improved housing and transit access within metropolitan areas or new broadband investments in rural ones.”

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