Huge Swaths Of America’s Communities Are Economically Stagnant: How Can We Make Them Grow?

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Study: While US prospers, WV lags behind

/   Jake Zuckerman, Charleston Gazette-Mail

Despite the optimism depicted by national economic indicators, a new study shows huge swaths of the U.S. are hurting, and West Virginia is feeling the brunt of it. Economic Innovation Group, a think tank out of Washington, D.C., unveiled its Distressed Communities Index in late September. The study went by ZIP code, conducting a quantitative…

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What Amazon could learn from Sears; The age of disruption — not very disruptive?

/   Scott Olster, John C. Abell, and Katie Carroll, LinkedIn Daily Rundown

While the economy as a whole has increasingly thrived since the end of the recession, overall recovery has masked the plight of areas — home to over 52 million Americans — which have become even more depressed. It is a familiar divide: Prosperous cities versus rural counties, particularly those in the South, and former industrial…

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Why We Need To Look For Innovation Outside America And Its Elites

/   Elizabeth MacBride, Forbes

Although a new business starts every two minutes, another firm closes its doors every eighty seconds—the highest rate of firm death in the past 50 years. In 1980, nearly half of American firms were five years old or younger. By 2015, that number had fallen to one-third. According to the nonpartisan Economic Innovation Group, fewer…

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Study finds Gilbert most prosperous city in the U.S., Chandler and Scottsdale in top 10

/   Lily Altavena,

Gilbert is the most prosperous city of its size in the U.S., with 99.9 percent of its population living in prosperous ZIP codes, according to a report from the Economic Innovation Group. … By: Lily Altavena, The Republic | Read the full article here.

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Many parts of South Carolina and the nation have missed out on economic recovery, study says

/   David Slade, The Post and Courier

The huge gaps between communities that strongly recovered from the Great Recession and those left behind extends nationwide, the bipartisan Economic Innovation Group found after studying economic indicators in all ZIP codes. … By: David Slade, The Post and Courier Read the full article here.

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Trigaux: Beneath veneer of our economic rebound, distressed communities are stalled

/   Robert Trigaux, Tampa Bay Times

That’s the dose-of-reality disclosure found in a new report from the Economic Innovation Group called the “2017 Distressed Communities Index.” The annual analysis drills down to the level of ZIP codes — thousands of them — across the United States. It reveals in great detail where prosperous communities are and where still too many distressed…

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