New bill does hard job of injecting capital into needy communities

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State Seeks Startups

/   Liam Malaire, Leader-Telegram

Wisconsin, not to mention other parts of the nation, is in need of startups. Washington, D.C.-based Economic Innovation Group released a study this week that found the number of businesses closing in Wisconsin is higher than the number of businesses being created. It analyzed U.S. Census figures to find that the state ran this deficit…

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Most Millennials Are Hard To Manage, Are You One Of Them?

/   Andrew Medal, Forbes

Do you hate your job? Have a stormy relationship with your manager and feel locked into a 9-6 workday? If so, you may not only be one of those stereotypical “hard to manage” millennials but there could be an entrepreneur fighting for freedom within you, if you’d only let her shine. We’re the first generation…

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Millennials Are Actually the Least Entrepreneurial Generation

/   Dan Schawbel, Fortune

A few years ago, my company partnered with to survey workers of all generations, and we found that just 32% of millennials considered themselves entrepreneurs, compared to 41% of Generation X and 45% of baby boomers. Additional research from EY and the Economic Innovation Group discovered that 44% of millennials believe staying with one…

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What is a Millennipreneur?

/   Bridget Weston Pollack, Score

According to a survey of millennials by EY and Economic Innovation Group, 78 percent consider entrepreneurs successful, and 62 percent have considered starting their own business. Fifty-five percent believe their generation is more entrepreneurial than past ones, although the data says otherwise: Millennials are actually less likely to be entrepreneurs than people in other age…

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WI business failures exceed business starts

/   James Rowen, The Political Environment

Ugly business closing data undermine right-wing GOP WI Gov. and failed jobs-creator Scott Walker’s talking point/billboard boast that Wisconsin is “Open for Business.” The number of Wisconsin businesses that close is higher than the number of new firms, according to a new analysis of Census data. The study released this week by the Washington-based Economic Innovation Group analyzed U.S….

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More Wisconsin Businesses Closing Than Starting, Economic Report Warns

/   Brady Carlson, Wisconsin Public Radio

The number of Wisconsin businesses that close is higher than the number of new firms, according to a new analysis of Census data. The study released this week by the Washington-based Economic Innovation Group analyzed U.S. Census figures on “business dynamism,” a figure which compares the number of new businesses to the number that close. It…

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