Huge Swaths Of America’s Communities Are Economically Stagnant: How Can We Make Them Grow?

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The widening economic divide between U.S. regions.

/   Staff, Builder Magazine

One in six Americans lives in an economically “distressed” ZIP code, according to the Economic Innovation Group’s (EIG) 2017 Distressed Communities Index. Meanwhile, one in four Americans lives in a “prosperous” community. … By: Staff, Builder Magazine Read the full article here.

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A New Study Highlights America’s “Distressed Communities.” Many Saw Big Factory Job Loss.

/   Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch, Alliance for American Manufacturing

Our friends at the Economic Innovation Group (EIG) released the 2017 Distressed Communities Index last week, a follow-up to their insightful 2016 report that highlights the vast gaps between America’s haves and have-nots. … By: Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch, Alliance for American Manufacturing Read the full article here.

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Tiberi: Tax reform done right will grow jobs and grow paychecks … our future prosperity depends on it

/   Pat Tiberi, Joint Economic Committee Newsroom

According to analysis by the Economic Innovation Group, each startup creates an average of six jobs. Plentiful startups and jobs create a virtuous cycle where potential entrepreneurs are more willing to take a risk on a new venture. By the same token, weak levels of entrepreneurship and job creation create a downward spiral for both. … By:…

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Editorial: ‘Distressed communities’ study highlights state’s struggles

/   Staff, The Herald Dispatch

Study after study has spelled out the challenges facing West Virginia, ranging from poor health, low incomes, low educational attainment, a lagging economy and so on. Now, we learn, West Virginia is among the most distressed states in the nation, according to a study by Economic Innovation Group, a policy organization based in Washington, D.C….

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TOP FIVE: S.C.’s large piece of the federal pie, more

/   Lindsay Street, Statehouse Report

The new Distressed Community Index shows economic prosperity or distress based on zip code. One of the key findings was the there is a five-year difference in life expectancy between areas experiencing prosperity and areas experience distress. … By: Lindsay Street, Statehouse Report Read the full article here.

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America’s growing inequality reflected in its least and most stressed cities.

/   Andrew Ross, Born2Invest

City Lab elaborates on the Economic Innovation Group’s 2017 Distressed Communities Index. U.S. cities were ranked according to the following: the rate of housing vacancies, unemployed adults, the level of poverty, median income ratio, rate of changes in employment, and changes in the status of business establishments. … By: Andrew Ross, Born2Invest Read the full…

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