Economic dynamism falls across the US

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Jobs, quality of life attract diverse Las Vegas workforce

/   Nicole Raz, Las Vegas Review-Journal

The demographics of Southern Nevada are growing increasingly young, diverse and wealthy. “People follow the businesses, and the businesses follow the people,” said John Lettieri, co-founder and policy director at the Economic Innovation Group, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank. … By: Nicole Raz, Las Vegas Review Journal Read the full article here.

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How to Restore Optimism and Verve to the US Economy

/   Patrick Tyrrell and Anthony B. Kim, The Daily Signal

America’s entrepreneurial dynamism has been falling, and the cost of inaction grows daily. According to a recent study by the Economic Innovation Group, America “suffers from a problem of too little creation—not too much destruction—perhaps for the first time in its history.” … By: Patrick Tyrrell and Anthony B. Kim, The Daily Signal Read the…

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Monopolies Are Killing America

/   Ross Baird and Ben Wrobel, The Development Set

According to the nonpartisan Economic Innovation Group, fewer Americans are starting successful firms than at any point in the last century. In 1980, nearly half of American firms were five years old or younger. By 2015, that number had fallen to one-third. Although a new business starts every two minutes in this country, another firm…

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Uber has been a positive force for creative disruption

/   John Thornhill, Financial Times

A study published last year by the Economic Innovation Group found that the millennial generation was turning out to be the least entrepreneurial in recent US history. Scarred by the financial crisis of 2008, many 18 to 34-year-olds were anxious about the future, saddled with student debt and risk averse. … By: John Thornhill, Financial Times…

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Scuttlebiz: State, local leaders need to tackle workforce development

/   Damon Cline, The Augusta Chronicle

Citing the Washington, D.C.-based Economic Innovation Group’s “Distressed Communities Index,” Clark said 53 percent of Georgia counties are economically distressed – nearly three times the national rate. There’s a lot to worry about: mediocre K-12 rankings, rampant obesity and a high school dropout rate that’s through the roof. … By: Damon Cline, The Augusta Chronicle…

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/   Dan Primack, Axios

Case believes the White House can support such efforts via tax reform, including by supporting the Investing in Opportunity Act (bipartisan co-sponsored by Sens. Booker and Cook). As for the risk of today’s meeting being more about a photo opp for Trump than a consequential exchange of ideas: “My experience having done this for three…

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