Globalisation has marginalised many regions in the rich world

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Venture capital for the left behind: How to use private money to boost economic growth in distressed areas

/   Jim Pethokoukis, AEIdeas

I’m always on the lookout for ideas that can get broad bipartisan support and, you know, address actual problems. So thanks to The Economist’s Ryan Avent for a great piece on what to do for those left behind by globalization. Read the whole thing, but let me highlight this bit: So rather than attempting to…

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Bankruptcy a plausible option, as Hartford’s fiscal crisis peaks

/   Matt Pilon and Patricia Daddona,

Hartford currently has approximately $604 million in general obligation and lease debt, Moody’s analyst Nicholas Lehman said. The city has requested an additional $40 million from the state of Connecticut to help balance its fiscal 2018 budget and maintain a positive cash flow, he said. In the state’s “tense” political climate, the availability of short-…

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Globalisation has marginalised many regions in the rich world

/   Staff, The Economist

So rather than attempting to seed clusters, governments could instead focus on spreading know-how in order to increase the attractiveness of laggard regions to productive firms. Improving the investment climate in struggling areas could help. In 2015 the Economic Innovation Group, an American think-tank, published a report by two economists—Jared Bernstein, a Democrat, and Kevin…

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What Amazon Can Learn from LeBron

/   Ryan Bhandari, Medium

The Economic Innovation Group (EIG) documents one part of the opportunity problem — how business growth has become concentrated in fewer and fewer metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) since the Great Recession. … By: Ryan Bhandari, Medium (Third Way) Read the full article here.

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Level Playing Field? How Big Company Dominance May Hinder Innovation

/   Angela Shah, Xconomy

And so, today, entrepreneurship is at a 30-year low, Baird writes in “Blind Spot,” citing data from the Economic Innovation Group. “Although a new business starts every two minutes, another firm closes every eighty seconds—the highest rate of firm death in the past 50 years,” he writes. … By: Angela Shah, Xconomy Read the full…

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Hartford One of Ten ‘Most-Distressed’ Small U.S. Cities

/   Matthew Ormseth, Hartford Courant

On Wednesday, Hartford found itself on a top-10 list no municipality wants a part of: the Economic Innovation Group’s 10 most-distressed U.S. small cities. The Washington, D.C.-based research group ranked Hartford along the likes of Flint, Michigan — where lead-tainted water gushes brown from showers and sinks — and Youngstown, Ohio, often held up as…

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