New bill does hard job of injecting capital into needy communities

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Using Equity Crowdfunding to Launch Small Businesses

/   Davis Jones, Eazl Blog

Despite all the hype about startups and disruption, entrepreneurship is actually on the DECLINE. Here’s how we can fix that. The Problem: Entrepreneurship is on the decline. See the non-partisan Economic Innovation Group’s report with some dramatic statistics on the subject. The Funding Gap: On a recent fundraising trip to Silicon Valley, Eazl’s founders realized…

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John Lettieri from the Economic Innovation Group

/   Shannon Scott, The Ross Kaminsky Show

Each weekday morning from 5AM to 10AM, Ross brings a fresh perspective to the news, politics, culture and everyday life. For Ross, it’s all about great ideas, freedom, and fun…and not about labels, about “us versus them,” or about assuming that a disagreement means someone has bad intentions. Economic Innovation Group’s John Lettieri joins Ross…

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Solution to revitalize Ohio’s ‘left behind’ communities

/   John Lettieri, The Columbus Dispatch

Survey after survey reveals a large percentage of Americans remain concerned about their economic well-being. Our research shows these anxieties are not misplaced. The U.S. economy has become less dynamic since the Great Recession — more businesses have closed than opened, the rate of new business formation remains near an all-time low, and workers are…

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The big squeeze on Wisconsin’s entrepreneurs

/   David D. Haynes, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

After my column on non-compete clauses was published earlier today, I heard back from a two more sources. Steve Glickman is a co-founder of the Economic Innovation Group, a bipartisan policy organization that analyzes data on the connection between innovation and economic growth. Glickman’s take: “Non-competes, which cover roughly 20% of American workers, reduce economic dynamism by…

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Trump’s Quiet Economic Crisis

/   Steve Glickman & John Lettieri, Fox News

We, the citizens of America, are now joined in a great national effort to rebuild our country and to restore its promise for all of our people.”  The opening words of President Trump’s inaugural address likely foreshadow the theme for his first address before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday – an opportunity to define his…

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Unlike most cities, Charleston has added businesses since the recession

/   Thad Moore, The Post and Courier

Their new company had graduated from a garage to a warehouse, and it had gone from a nights-and-weekends pursuit a full-time endeavor. So last fall, Jim Luby and Drew Wynne decided to quit their jobs. Barista Vending had gone from selling iced coffee at the farmers market to distributing kegs of their cold brew to…

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