Economic dynamism falls across the US

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Millennials looking for leaders in mobile business banking

/   Wendy Conley, D+H

While EY reports that 55% of millennials believe they are more entrepreneurial than previous generations, the data shows that a still significant portion are seeking corporate jobs, burdened by student loans and other long-term debt. … By: Wendy Conley, D+H Read the full article here.

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How to win rural voters without losing liberal values

/   Martin Longman, Washington Monthly

In May of 2016, the Economic Innovation Group (EIG) released a study—“The New Map of Economic Growth and Recovery”—that made no discernible impact on progressive discourse or Democrats’ strategy during that year’s campaigns. But, like the Angus Deaton-Ann Case studies on rising death rates within the white working class—which did enter progressive discourse but also…

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WATCH: bold business talks trouble with Uber, declining teen employment and TSA changes

/   Sam Forrest, Bold Business

A recent report by the Economic Innovation Group concluded that there’s been a huge drop in the economic dynamism in America since the early 90’s. What exactly does this mean? Strong evidence suggests that immigrants and their children are much more likely to start a business than native-born Americans and those who who have been…

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The paradox of dynamism

/   Matthew Slaughter and Matthew Rees, The Slaughter & Rees Report

We live in an era of unprecedented change. Companies are born and surge in a flash. Entire industries are whipsawed by global competition and technological change. In the blink of an eye, workers move: across occupations, companies, and nations. So goes the conventional wisdom. Does it accurately describe the United States? In a word: no….

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Trump’s rosy GDP projection masks larger economic growth concerns

/   Eric Pianin, The Fiscal Times

Last week, a DC-based, bipartisan think tank called the Economic Innovation Group published a state-by-state analysis of what it described as a troubling decline in innovation and “economic dynamism” throughout the country that has seriously weakened the economy dating back to the start of the Great Recession in late 2007. … By: Eric Pianin – The Fiscal…

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Competition is not for losers — even in the digital era

/   John Thornhill, The Financial Times

Contrary to West Coast mythmaking, developed economies are living through one of the least innovative periods in modern history. According to research from the Economic Innovation Group, a Washington-based think-tank, dynamism is in retreat and the rate of new business formation in the US has been declining. … By: John Thornhill – The Financial Times Read the…

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