New bill does hard job of injecting capital into needy communities

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Stagnation Is Stunting Economic Growth

/   Charles Hughes, Seeking Alpha

The American economy is stagnating. The creative destruction of old businesses exiting and new ones starting up has slowed. Fewer people are working at new companies. These trends have only accelerated post-recession. Many of the fresh new entrants hailed as disruptive startups, such as Uber (Private:UBER) and Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), have been on the scene for…

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New bill does hard job of injecting capital into needy communities

/   John Lettieri and Steve Glickman, The Hill

In the midst of the most geographically divided economic recovery on record, it’s no surprise that communities desperate for economic growth often turn to expensive corporate tax incentives designed to produce a quick fix by luring or retaining local jobs and investment. Such incentives totaled a whopping $45 billion in 2015 alone. Though it’s hard…

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72 percent of millennials have no confidence in the federal government

/   Staff - Robert, Daily Inequality

In a new report, “The Millennial Economy,” Ernst & Young and the Economic Innovation Group polled 1,200 American millennials (ages 18 to 34) and found that millennials no longer have confidence in some foundational elements of the establishment. … By: Staff, Daily Inequality Read the full article here.

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Where the American Dream lives on

/   Jessica Pothering, Impact Alpha

“Prosperous rural areas predominantly in the Upper Midwest and Northern Plains are the country’s most powerful areas of upward mobility,” according to the Economic Innovation Group. The report tracks, county by county, whether prosperity and advantage translate across economic lines. It found 420 counties out of 2,869 where the American Dream of prosperity and mobility…

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Where the American Dream Lives and Dies

/   Tanvi Misra, CityLab

Rags-to-riches stories, like Benjamin Franklin’s, have always captured the American imagination. They feed the narrative of the American Dream—that from humble beginnings, a scrappy, hardworking person can become prosperous, and afford opportunities his or her parents did not have. Through booms and recessions, people have bought into this myth. The problem is: The American Dream…

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Getting ahead in the city is hard. In rural America, it’s even harder.

/   Jim Tankersley, Vox

It has been snowed over by the rallying stock market and the cascade of controversies in the early months of the Trump administration, but the 2016 election revealed a deep economic and geographic divide in America. That divide remains critical — though not sufficient — to understanding both Donald Trump’s victory in that election and…

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