Economic dynamism falls across the US

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Bipartisan, creative, thoughtful D.C. group provides NM insights

/   Harold Morgan, The Los Alamos Monitor

The two-year-old Economic Innovation Group ( seems to have mixed people from across the various spectra. The website headline is, “Empowering entrepreneurs and investors to forge a more dynamic U.S. economy.” EIG calls itself “a bipartisan public policy organization, ​founded in 2013, ​combining innovative research and data-driven advocacy to address America’s most pressing economic challenges.”…

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Reader Feedback: Thanks To Our Legislators

/   Staff, Denver Business Journal

The good news is that members of the Colorado congressional delegation are leading the charge to reverse these trends for Colorado residents living in distressed areas by sponsoring the Investing in Opportunity Act. At a time when the American Dream seems in doubt for many, Sens. Bennet and Gardner and Rep. Polis deserve credit for…

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4 Tips for Millennial Entrepreneurs to Succeed

/   Staff, CEOWorld Magazine

Millennials are a unique generation that have grown up completely immersed in digital technology, with instant access to information and the power to connect with peers in any part of the globe. … By: Staff, CEOWorld Magazine Read the full article here.

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Think Tank Awards 2017: Who won?

/   Staff, Prospect Magazine

In a busy Economics and Finance field, the Bipartisan Policy Center was lauded for its work on problems that are of interest on both sides of the aisle on Capitol Hill, notably infrastructure spending and the challenges of retirement. The Economic Innovation Group emerged as the runner-up. With roots in Silicon Valley, it is entirely…

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How the recession’s long hangover lingers

/   Reid Wilson, The Hill

“The growth that this country saw after the recession during the recovery was pretty much dominated by a handful of super-performing metropolitan areas,” said Steve Glickman, EIG’s executive director and a former senior economic adviser in the Obama administration. “Before the recession, pretty much 90 percent of counties saw businesses on net gain year after…

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Renewed Optimism As the Start-Up Geography Divide Narrows

/   Dane Stangler, Real Clear Markets

The Economic Innovation Group, among others, chronicled a long-term decline in business creation as well as ever-increasing concentration in where businesses are being created. Only five metro areas, they found, accounted for half of the nation’s increase in new businesses between 2010 and 2014. … By: Dane Stangler, Real Clear Markets Read the full article here.

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