Getting ahead in the city is hard. In rural America, it’s even harder.

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When it comes to inequality, where you live matters more than you think

/   John Lettieri and Steve Glickman, World Economic Forum

Place matters. This simple concept has never been better understood than today. Mounting evidence suggests that where an individual grows up has a significant and causal impact on their life outcomes, from health to earnings. At a time when income inequality is dominating the political dialogue, policy-makers should not overlook geography’s important role in determining…

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Missing Out on the Boon

/   Rick Outzen, inWeekly

Last week, Zach Jenkins, director of the Haas Center for Business Research and Economic Development at the University of West Florida, wrote a column that showed our region’s economic recovery has not equally impacted all segments of our community. While Governor Rick Scott has touted our state’s recovery and job growth, people living in the…

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Bernie Sanders faces steeper climb after New York vote

/   Courtney Weaver, Financial Times

Late on Tuesday, as the extent of his New York primary loss became clear, Bernie Sanders abandoned his press corps in Pennsylvania and flew home to Vermont where he announced that he planned to take his first day off in weeks. For a candidate who continues to insist that he has a chance of becoming…

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EIG’s Quarterly Entrepreneurship Reading Guide

The latest and greatest research and commentary from the field. The last few months have seen a flurry of research published into under-explored corners of the field. Highlights include ground-breaking new research into high-potential entrepreneurship from MIT, an in-depth look at entrepreneurial accelerators from Brookings, new evidence on the poor state of competition in the…

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Cleveland’s ‘most distressed’ designation driven in part by changes that depressed GED passage rates

/   Daniel Hinman, Cleveland Plain Dealer

In February, Cleveland was listed by the Economic Innovation Group as the nation’s “most distressed large city.” The first data point EIG used was the number of high school degrees held by the 25 and older population. In our region, 23 percent of this group lacks a high school diploma.

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Sean Parker, Silicon Valley’s bad boy genius, wants to kick the *!$% out of cancer

/   Ariana Eunjung Cha, The Washington Post

LOS ANGELES — Sean Parker is in a partying mood. He has invited 700 of his closest friends to his $55 million home on this starlit evening to celebrate the launch of his latest project, which he describes as the most important thing he has done in his 36 years. It’s bigger than Napster, which…

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