Economic dynamism falls across the US

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Nationwide Decline of Economic Dynamism Demonstrated in New Interactive Tool

The most dynamic state today scores like one of the least dynamic states from two decades ago Recently, EIG released our Index of State Dynamism (ISD), a new way of measuring and analyzing the long-term decline in economic dynamism across the United States. The Index allows you to view and compare changes at the state,…

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When the appeal of a dominant leader is greater than a prestige leader

/   Hemant Kakkar and Niro Sivanathan, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

We collected macroeconomic data for each zip code using the database of the Economic Innovation Group (EIG), an independent group of economists and policymakers interested in examining the economic markers of America’s economic health. The EIG dataset contains economic indicators for more than 25,000 zip codes covering 99% of America. … By: Hemant Kakkar and…

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NBA Finals ticket prices in Cleveland and Golden State have gone in opposite direction

/   Jesse Lawrence, The Huffington Post

Despite the pride of their first professional sports championship in over 50 years, Cleveland is the second most economically distressed city in America, according to a 2016 report from the Economic Innovation Group. At a distress index of 99.9, Cleveland trails only Camden, New Jersey in categories like the percentage of the population without a…

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Smallest Towns in America

/   Staff, Providence High Tech

Well into the mid-1990s, the nation’s smallest counties were home to almost one-third of all net new business establishments, more than twice the share spawned in the largest counties, according to the Economic Innovation Group, a bipartisan public-policy organization. From the 1980s into the mid-1990s, the data show, America’s big cities had the highest concentration…

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Trigaux: Florida may still show some flash but nation’s dynamic economy is in freefall

/   Robert Trigaux, Tampa Bay Times

“America’s economic engine is losing steam,” warns a series of new and compelling reports. One analysis called “Dynamism in Retreat” outlines the steady decline of the dynamic U.S. economy. A second analysis called the “Index of State Dynamism” was issued in May and tries to assess each state’s economy based on its dynamism. The reports…

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Why do millennial keep leaking government secrets?

/   Malcolm Harris, The Washington Post

A 2016 poll by the Economic Innovation Group found that 72 percent of millennials had low confidence in the federal government. Manning and Snowden have had as big an impact as any other individuals I can think of in our cohort. A cynical observer might say they were after fame, but the consequences they have…

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