New bill does hard job of injecting capital into needy communities

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Ladies, start your economic engines: Let’s help more women launch businesses

/   Nydia Velazquez and Jon Cowan, New York Daily News

In certain parts of the country, entrepreneurship is booming. A well-educated creative class clusters in tight networks that easily attract bank loans, birth new businesses and create exciting jobs. But this opportunity paradise is far too concentrated, and even within these areas a whole segment of the population seems forgotten, namely women and women of…

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Economic Innovation Group’s John Lettieri To Testify Before The Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Lettieri will speak on the state of entrepreneurship and economic dynamism in rural America Washington, D.C. – Today, John Lettieri, co-founder and senior director for policy and strategy at the Economic Innovation Group (EIG), will testify before the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship at its hearing entitled, “The Challenges and Opportunities of Running…

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‘Union Market Talks’ Event Brings Together City And Business Leaders, Renowned Journalists And Celebrated Author To Explore Inclusive Prosperity And ‘The New Urban Crisis’

/   PR Newswire, Yahoo Finance

  EDENS partnered with the Urban Land Institute, the Economic Innovation Group and CityLab to bring together nearly four hundred D.C. thought leaders and community advocates. “Discussing inclusive prosperity in an open forum helps us come together and appreciate our communities’ rich diversity,” EDENS CEO Jodie W. McLean said. “EDENS’ purpose has always been about enriching community, and engaging with community leaders, urbanists, neighborhood activists and…

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Don Cunningham: Federal economic growth policy is a Rubik’s Cube

/   Don Cunningham, The Morning Call

As I returned last week from two days of discussions and speeches in Washington, D.C., with economists, economic development leaders and members of the Trump administration, my thoughts turned to the Rubik’s Cube. Remember the Rubik’s Cube? It was equal parts entertaining, confusing, challenging, frustrating, and usually unfinished. Once a year the International Economic Development…

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How to Create Jobs Across America: Investing in Opportunity

/   Ross Baird, Virginia Review of Politics

Every great American company was once a startup. Under Armour launched in a basement in DC; Nike grew up on a running track in Oregon; Microsoft started in a garage in Albuquerque, and Dell kicked off from a dorm room in Texas. Three hundred thousand people work for those four companies — and none of…

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Reaching Out to the Voters the Left Left Behind

/   Thomas B. Edsall, The New York Times

The devastating recession that began at the end of 2007 and officially ended in June 2009 was the most severe downturn since World War II. The political, social and even medical consequences of this recession have been duly noted, but even so the depths of its effects are only now becoming clear. One we’re still…

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