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Guide to the Latest Research and Analysis on Entrepreneurship in the United States

This document captures many of the most relevant and recent readings on entrepreneurship in the United States. The materials are intended to bring awareness to prevailing trends and their implications for the dynamism of the U.S. economy and its long-term capacity to generate broadly-shared economic growth. Download the guide as a PDF here.

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Swing State Survey

The Economic Innovation Group (EIG) released a new survey that examines economic sentiment among 2016 likely voters in key battleground states. Survey results indicate that over five years into the official recovery, a significant percentage of swing state voters believe the U.S. economy is still in a recession and that good jobs are difficult to…

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A Spotlight on Infrastructure

Download Research: A Spotlight on Infrastructure

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Unlocking Private Capital to Facilitate Economic Growth in Distressed Areas

Download Research: Unlocking Private Capital to Facilitate Growth in Distressed Areas

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Beneath the Recovery: Obstacles to Growth and Opportunity in the New Economy

Download Research: Beneath the Recovery – Obstacles to Growth and Opportunity in the New Economy.pdf

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